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Conflict Coaching or Business Mediation


Conflict Coaching or Business Mediation


Does this situation sound familiar? The conflict is obvious, or at least noticeable. But no one addresses it. Instead, you have to face turf wars, cooperation blockades, intrigues and bad moods, perhaps even mental or final resignation.

First the good news: Each conflict bears at least two solutions.
Conflicts need a respectful, empathic and neutral setting. The point is to strengthen personal responsibility and to find ways out of victimhood. The parties involved always remain experts in their own right. Conflicts situations always have a 'human touch' to them, so, besides having the suitable process techniques at hand, it is necessary that the coach and mediator has a mature personality and therefore the much-needed intervention impartiality and competence. Process clarity, focus and process reliability allow the conflicting parties to gain new perspectives and viewpoints. Nothing will impede constructive cooperation in the future. Win-win-win situations are created, a triple-effect for the two conflicting parties and the organization.

Business mediation mediation is a structured voluntary procedure to resolve a conflict constructively. With the assistance given by a Tiba mediator, the conflicting parties can find new perspectives and a common agreement that meets their needs and interests, allowing them to return to a constructive cooperation.



  • A powerful tool that will allow the parties involved to work together harmoniously again
  • We focus primarily on the development of personality and skills of managers by selectively dissolving the typical patterns of conflict that come with responsibility
  • Decisions are not delayed; the conflicting parties and particularly managers can focus on their actual tasks
  • We help to prevent your team members from resigning mentally and allow the conflicting parties to look forward again, together
  • We make parties in conflicts experts in their own matters. The result: Empowerment and an active contribution to the corporate conflict culture


We would be happy to clarify in a first phone call, without any obligations, which intervention method and procedure is suited best for you and your situation.



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