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Executive Coaching


Current studies show how much above-average performance of executives build on a trained set of emotional, social and communication skills.

We coach managers and management teams who are facing both challenging situations in corporate development AND personal development in dynamic business environments. You will improve your performance with our management coaching based on purposeful and solution-oriented support that will give you an expanded action repertoire, a solution-oriented change of perspective, and ultimately it will help you to achieve professional and strategic objectives.

  • Leadership is a demeanor, an attitude. That is why we support managers in their personal change processes, for a confident and credible poise
  • Leadership calls for methodical skills, which ensure confidence in your daily routine
  • Leadership needs communication skills in order to be able to enthuse teams for mutual objectives, to stay objective in difficult situations, and to deal confidently with one's own emotions.

This coaching takes the client as a manager into account holistically, both as a human being and as a leader. We support you as an entrepreneur and as a leader with all our skills gained in more than 20 years of practical leadership experience.



  • Support in business-related and personal change processes
  • Stability and consistency in the achievement of objectives instead of ad hoc decisions
  • Reflecting own leadership behavior, i.e. being able to question own leadership behavior
  • Becoming aware of behavioral patterns and identifying alternative courses of action
  • Recognizing your personally preferred management style
  • Development of personal leadership guidelines: reliable, consistent, responsible
  • Flexibility and more tools for daily leadership tasks
  • Value-oriented leadership vs. ad hoc reactions
  • An appreciative idea of man, empathic communication
  • Effective use of one's own resources
  • Composure in dealing with conflicts
  • Prevention of burnout and exhaustion
  • Gain time for actual management tasks
  • Develop reputation as a leader and for the organization



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