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Executive Coaching / Reputation Coaching


Executive Coaching / Reputation Coaching


Executive coaching is a coaching format developed specifically for managers and directors, which may include advisory aspects. Our executive coaches are experienced at the executive level or even worked as top managers nationally and internationally themselves. They are aware of the diversity of issues and challenges at the top management level. Challenging, demanding, as a sparring partner at eye level, thoughtfully, capable of lateral thinking, and thinking ahead... In a trusted working environment, our coaches can help with, for example:

  • restructuring and corporate transformations
  • the effective implementation of new strategies
  • the internationalization of the management team
  • the development of a leadership and cooperation culture in management teams
  • conflicts and in times of growth crises
  • position changes, new dimensions of responsibilities
  • finding meaning and creating meaning
  • shaping values that maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • leadership development



The issues at top management level are as diverse as the methods we use. Therefore, we introduce ourselves as facilitator and we continuously adapt to your current issues and challenges. Once we understand your agenda, we begin with a targeted support, inspire and give the right incentives so that you can efficiently tackle new challenges with clarity, consistency and a strategic vision.

In this highly sensitive area of work we do not talk about our references, however, from the first contact on, we will offer all our expertise, experience and personality.


Contact us! A first call clarifies whether, in addition to the already-voiced 'chemistry' that needs to suit all parties involved, you want to accept our lived challenge in coaching for your questions.



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