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What is the process of coaching?

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What is the process of coaching?

Build trust: In a half-hour preliminary phone call, we become acquainted with each other: Coaching job and task, chemistry and sympathy check, the suspected duration or appropriate format, locations, fees, dates.

Agreements to meet: You will receive a written confirmation of the call, a guarantee of confidentiality and professional secrecy from our coach, appointment confirmation and first task to prepare and to tune in for the first coaching session.

Empowerment: The experience and years of trustful working with people and continuous professional development (Vita link) have developed our 'Methodology Case'. We are very good at sensing how we can tap desired potential for changes permanently and tailored to the personality of the coachee. We make complex problems manageable, remove mental blocks, think options through together, open up options for action, look for possible consequences of different scenarios—for a good decision for the next step of change.

Set binding standard - taking responsibility for own actions: We will reflect the main results and findings, agree to subgoals for the desired change and concrete actions. We will agree on personal evaluation methods of the results for the next possible coaching.



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