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Tiba Coaching GmbH offers a complete portfolio of coaching services for project managers, teams, managers
and executives.

Our clients benefit from our coaches' many years of experience in project management or leadership. They have a solid training in coaching or alternatively many years of field experience in coaching. Varied in their methods, varied in their industry experience, varied in their career transitions. With one goal: To help you find clarity, confidence and energy in your current situation, to help you make a plan.

We carefully recruit our Tiba coaches with quality in mind and for your individual needs and challenges and thus make a professional contribution to your company's success.

Our attempt to coaching is ambitious and to the point, analytic and empathetic. Teams and individuals realize their maximum potential through coaching, especially through:

  • Personal responsibility: Optimization and improvement of personal skills
  • Trustworthiness: Authentic and credible behavior and communication
  • Serenity and sovereignty: Professional support and advice in personal and organizational change processes in conflict and crisis situations
  • Capacity for change: Experiencing and learning new or alternative courses of action that lead to the disruption of patterns of previously limiting perception, thoughts and actions
  • Clarity: Providing orientation by means of strategy consistency, leadership skills and taking responsible actions
  • Resilience: High resilience in times of change and unexpected setbacks, access to one's own power and strength, reasonable handling of emotions, the knowledge of one's own agency and the confidence that this crisis can be mastered well

Coaching as an efficient and individualized staff development measure, for example when

  • all training options have been exhausted
  • acute or individual issues at work or at home require clarity
  • it has to be an incentive of a different kind, motivating, stimulating, challenging
  • a location determination shall be carried out to find a leitmotif

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